Act Without Words I (2000)

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Act Without Words I剧情内容介绍

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Act Without Words I剧情内容介绍

Act Without Words I

Written in French in 1956, Act Without Words I is a mime, as the title suggests. A man sits in a desert and struggles to reach a flask of water and other objects, which remain stubbornly out of reach. Yet despite his continual disappointment, he does not give up. There is no escape from the playing area – he is 'immediately flung back' when he attempts to enter the wings.



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  • 很黄,很热,很寂寞. samuel beckett's act without words I' starring sean foley dreced karel rolse produced by mlchael colgan alan moloney written by

  • 给他希望永远让他失望,最后变成了绝望,好像有一双看不见的无形的手控制着你的命运,你越是挣扎越是无力。

  • 有人说贝克特的戏剧只是伪装的”文本文学“ 那这部无言剧则恰好成为破例 全靠演员肢体和表情——人生就是个大沙漠 当希望(water)从眼前飘过 你要么错过它了 要不自己因绝望而放弃它了 绝望中的人 哪怕希望就在眼前 只需要你有伸出手的勇气 你也未必能看得见 而绝望中的人 求生或求死都是奢侈的勇气